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Taking A Much Closer Behind Getting Clean Water In The United States

Written by Fred on . Posted in Bag filter skids, Groundwater environmental services, Remediation plan

Water is the stuff of life. We use water for just about everything that we do. From the food that we grow to how we bathe to how we sustain our bodies and keep them well hydrated and fully functioning, water is essential for just about every single thing in life. Without water, we would all, simply put, die quite quickly. However, most of us in the United States take water for granted, as clean drinking water has become highly accessible – in other parts of the country, people are not so lucky, and many go without clean water access.

Clean water is actually far more scarce than most of us have actually realized. For though water covers the majority of this planet, the majority of that water is also salt water, which is not safe for human consumption and will actually lead to dehydration and, later, death. In fact, less than 5% of all of the water on Earth is fresh water and only a scant 1% of all water on the planet has been deemed to be safe for drinking, at least by humans. Ther