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The Importance Of Preserving Fresh Water

Written by Fred on . Posted in Coal ash wastewater, Environmental remediation contractor, Pump

If someone gave you a glass of cloudy water, would you drink it? Hopefully not. Whether it is dirt, coal ash or chemical contaminants, safe to drink groundwater is important.

Water on the planet Earth is a precious commodity. That sounds strange at first because everyone knows the Earth is covered in water, 70 percent actually! While that is true, if you tried to drink anything other than fresh, like salt water, you are asking for dehydration. Freshwater makes up three percent of the Earth’s available water, making salt water a whopping 97 percent! The Earth’s fresh water supply dwindles even further when you consider only one percent of Earth’s water is actually drinkable.

All those tidbits point to a common conclusion: the water that is left behind needs to be treated, recycled and preserved. Refusing to do so dwindles the already limited supply of drinkable water.

The importance of drinkable water becomes even more important considering 50 percent of citizens in the U