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The Right Hardware For Hauling Laods on the Worksite

Written by Fred on . Posted in Logging cable for sale, Pipe choker slings, Screw pin shackle

On a construction site, or at a logging site, heavy loads will sometimes be lifted. Sets of bricks or heavy pipes have to be picked up and hauled into position, or a fallen tree trunk needs to be placed into the back of a dump truck. These loads are far too heavy for even a team of workers to handle alone, so cranes take care of this job. But a crane is more than the lifting arm; slings and chokers are used to secure the load and lift it up. A logging choker, for example, is a cable with loops at each end. Logging chokers can have their loops threaded through each other once the choker is wrapped around a log, and this makes for a simple but secure lifting assembly. Multiple chokers may be used to keep a load stable. Meanwhile, slings such as chain or synthetic slings are used for construction project loads, and synthetic slings should be used properly to avo