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Using a Medical Freezer

Written by Fred on . Posted in Cdc storage and handling, Lab freezer, Medical refrigerator

Modern science and medicine rely on various inventions and items to make their work possible, and one of the more mundane, but no less vital, components of any laboratory or hospital is a medical fridge freezer. These storage units are essential for storing lab samples and vaccines in them, and if a freezer has the storage room and careful temperature control inside, it can securely store these delicate biological items for as long as doctors or researchers need to, and the items inside can be retrieved as needed. A stand alone freezer for vaccines or a medical refrigerator is no ordinary cooling unit, however, and any medical fridge freezer must be up to certain standards and used properly so it can serve its owners in its best capacity. Otherwise, getting the wrong kind of vaccine freezer or lab refrigerator can waste money, not fit in the lab, or worse, will not keep its contents safe, and a