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Obtaining a Permit for Construction

Written by Fred on . Posted in Commercial property for lease, Financing, Rental properties

Constructing or renovating a commercial building or a home is a matter of not jut hiring the right contractor crews and getting the right equipment and materials, but also having the proper paperwork in place to comply with state and city codes and regulations. Having a construction attorney on hand can help with the paperwork of renovation or construction, and permit attainment does not have to be a hassle. Instead, permit attainment is simply the first step of several so a project can move forward and comply with all relevant laws and codes to keep everything safe and legal. Permit attainment will be needed for any building, big or small, or a renovation job to make sure that the new systems and hardware are up to code.


The American commercial property sector is split among five key arenas: industrial, retail, office, lodging, and amusement. Any building may fall into one or more of these categories. A Target will be retail, while a condo is lodging and a m