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All the Facts On Wall Decals

Written by Fred on . Posted in Golf tournament signs, Graphic wall decals, Wedding signs

Across the United States, nearly 50% of all customers said they enter a business because of a sign they see. Therefore, there is a great beenfit that comes with investing wall decals and more. After all, it is a simple yet effective manner in which you can impress customers and attract more traffic as well. Get the most for your business with the very best custom wall decor and custom display boards for sale.

On-site signage is going to provide the same value as a 24 full-page newspaper ad. Data shows that each year, businesses that invest in these two methods get the same exact value. Do not hesitate to jump on some great looking wall decals for your business. After all, plenty of customers will be influenced by display boards and billboards that they see out on the open road.

A study has revealed that over 70% of all customers stated that a business’ quality is reflected directly from their sign. So this means that customers believe marketing and wall decals are an extensio