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Use a Dumpster to Declutter

Written by Fred on . Posted in Dumpster rental elgin tx, Dumpster rental round rock tx, Get rid of junk

You are moving in a smaller home with significantly less storage space. You have a baby on the way and are losing the room that serves as a huge closet. You have decided to finish your basement and make it a home theater. No matter what is happening, you have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it. Your husband mentions the self storage units down the street; they are clean looking and in a nice part of town, but you have always been skeptical of paying hundreds of dollars for a room to store your junk.

However, space is tight and you have no choice but to rent out some personal storage space. Here are five tips on how to make the most of even the smallest of self storage space and keep your items secure, too.

Decluttering your home and junk removal is easy by scanning in your papers. Boxes and boxes of photos. Vital records like birth certificates and hospital bills. Recipes. Receipts. If you have tons of papers eating up your valuable storage space, it’s