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Five Ways to Improve Your Packaging

Written by Fred on . Posted in Box packaging mockups, High quality dry transfers, How to make mock up packaging

Every year, 95% of new products that come out will fail. It’s a tough market, and the right packaging is essential to a good product. As much as 40% of the online shopping community agrees that the branding on any particular package makes them more likely to recommend it to their friends or share it around on their social media accounts. Businesses that have focused a lot of attention on their packaging have even reported as much as a 30% increase in interest from consumers. Whether you’re looking for custom makeup packaging or shrink wrap packaging, packaging mockups are an important way of getting a feel for how successful your packaging idea will be.

Design Your Label First

Before you do anything else, you need to design a label that will catch the eye and communicate exactly what you want to say about your product and about your brand. You should start simple and make sure you’ve got all the basics nailed before you try to elaborate on design. Here are a few thoughts to bea