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Understanding The Benefits Of An Air Knife Blower System

Written by Fred on . Posted in Centrifugal air blower, High pressure centrifugal blower

When it comes to blowers, there are many different types. Blowers induce a gas flow for many applications including exhausting, cooling and ventilating. If you’re looking at different blower manufacturers wondering which blower might work best for you, keep in mind what you’re using it for, what type of blower it is, design and dimensions. Different types of blowers include:

  • Centrifugal blowers: Centrifugal fans use high speed blades to add velocity to air or other gases. They displace air radially, changing the direction (usually by 90 degrees) of the airflow. Centrifugal blowers offer several different types of blades including backward and forward curved and radial. These blowers are usually powered by electric motors, but can also be used with drive motors.

    Guides from sites like offer an in-depth look at choosing the right centrifugal fan or blower.
  • Regenerative blowers: These blowers are considered contact-free