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Differences Between Commercial Cleaning Solutions

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It’s important to choose the right commercial cleaning solution. There are usually three ways for a business to remain clean including dry ice, sand, and soda blasting. That being said, there are many differences between these cleaning methods. It’s understandable to want to choose the best type of cleaning solution for your company. In this post, you’ll learn about the differences between dry ice and other standard cleaning methods.

Dry Ice Blasting

It’s important to note that dry ice isn’t actually ice. Instead, it’s Carbon Dioxide that is utilized at a temperature of minus 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This form of cleaning utilizes compressed air between 80 to 90 PSI, sending dry ice pellets at a fast speed to clean a wide range of surfaces. Since its invention in 1955, ice blasting has become an extremely popu

What to Expect After Enrolling in a Sleep Study

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Throughout the nation, there are many types of clinical trials taking place. In addition to these trials, many people can benefit from participating in sleep studies. You’ll find these studies offered by many companies including CNS Trials. These studies monitor how someone sleeps throughout the night. Sleep studies are useful for determining what is causing someone to experience restlessness throughout the night. In this post, you’ll learn what to expect throughout your participation in a sleep study.

What is a Polysomnogram Study

A polysomnogram or PSG sleep study monitors various activities occurring within the body as you rest. CNS Trials is a company conductin