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3 Cool Facts About the History of Construction Equipment Makers

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Nearly everyone in America has seen or heard of a John Deere tractor, a Caterpillar final drive travel motor, or a Bobcat. What not everyone knows about is some of the amazing history and facts behind these iconic American brands.

  1. Caterpillar is the most popular worldwide brand of construction equipment. The name actually does come from the little caterpillar that crawls along the ground. The founder of the company was testing tractor movement styles, and the one that stuck reminded a bystander of the way a caterpillar moves. The first tractors became so popular that they were ordered by European farmers, and at the outbreak of World War I the British military discovered that CAT tractors did a much better job of getting through the mud and muck than any military vehicle. They ordered CATs specifically built to pu

Have a Luxury Travel Experience with VIP Private Jets

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If your work involves traveling frequently for highly critical business meetings and presentations, there can certainly be enough incentive for you to figure out the right mode of travel that can allow you to manage these responsibilities properly. Being able to travel in luxury while also keeping to your own customized schedule can be a crucial requirement for CEOs and high-powered executives and if you find yourself in such a position, you need to ensure that you choose the right mode of transport for yourself. For a lot of these requirements, public transit options can prove to be inadequate and plagued with a number of disadvantages. Private aircraft charters, on the other hand, can be a perfect fit for your requirements. Considering a private jet charter for businesses to not only allow you to keep to your own schedule and travel in luxury but can solve a number of other problems