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Engineering Is a Growing Field That Continues to Need More Workers

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The field trip was a game changer for your oldest daughter. After years of telling everyone that she was going to be a high school physics teacher, the field trip that she took to the engineering firm changed her mind. Although she was not going to completely rule out teaching at the college level at some point your daughter can home from the field trip talking about structural engineering. She was talking so fast about directional boring and underground drilling that you could hardly stay caught up.
In fact, the Women in Engineering seminar that her class had attended was so motivational that she was certain that she would be looking for a summer internship or job shadow this summer. The seminar had introduced her to a number of women in the engineering field who were more than willing to mentor high school and college age women. The current engineers were quick to point out that it was a teacher or mentor in their past who had encouraged them to enter the field of engineering.