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Customized Plastic Bottles for Your Next Product

Written by Fred on . Posted in Commercial plastic jugs, Custom blow molding, Hdpe bottles

Commercial jars

Are you in an industry that requires the use of specific plastic materials? Perhaps you own a beverage company and rely on plastic bottles to get your product into the hands of a consumer, or maybe you use plastic containers for a product you invented. Whatever your need may be, the good news is the plastics industry is not going away anytime soon so you have many options to choose from. Right now in the United States, the plastics industry is the third largest in the manufacturing sector. Below are three products this industry is creating that get a lot of use:

1. Plastic Bottles – Did you know that Americans use close to 3 million plastic bottles every hour? That product alone might be the reason that the plastics industry is so large. If your product is sold in bottle and you are try